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Your intense gaze,
Set a fire to my soul.
The fiery flames of betrayal,
Shook me to my deepest core
And burnt me down to ashes.

Seeing her in your arms,
Set a storm in my heart.
The thunderstorm of pain
Spread all over my body
And shattered my heart to pieces. 

As your lips reached hers,
I was out of air.
Drowning in your treachery
I suffocated haplessly
Until I could not feel anything. 

To see you like that,
It killed me mercilessly.
As if you held a dagger
And plunged it to my heart
My life, slipping away. 

Then your eyes met mine,
Your guilt-stricken eyes.
You can keep your reasons,
I’m walking away
I’m gonna see you, never again.

Featured image by: Rene Asmussen from Pexels

29 thoughts on “Treachery

  1. Your portrayal of the pain is intense and real. The stanzas read like a story and pull the reader into the emotions. Sad, but beautifully written! One day, somebody worthy of your love will kiss those pains away!

    1. Thank you so much Brad! Most of my poetry emerge from my imagination rather than real life experience. Tragedy hasn’t struck me that hard yet. I’m just drawn to tragic stuff. 🙈 And thank you so much for reading. Your comments are constant source of motivation and your poems are inspirations! ❣️

      1. I made the common mistake of assuming you were speaking from experience. I am glad your heart has yet to know that pain personally. But yet you can master the emotions of a moment or situation and that is truly a gift. I, too, often write about experiences I have never had personally, but can imagine how someone might feel. I appreciate your kind words and hope that I will always be an inspiration for the beauty you create! Stay safe and much love to you! ❤😘💕

    1. Wow! Such a beautiful surprise. While I like putting everything in words, I’m speechless. Can’t find the right words to express how happy I am. Thank you Stephen. And thank you so much Eugi! Loads of love to the both of you and all the people who take time to read my works! ❣️

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