Writing is easy; being a writer, not so much!


I remember the time when I used to hold a pen and words formed in mind, seamlessly, with zero beak it fell beautifully onto the paper. I remember writing for fun, the blissful feeling it gave me. Writing was my therapy, something I love doing.

From school essays to poems in my diary, each piece I wrote gave me kind of thrill that made me want for more. I wouldn’t say I was the best in class, but I was the happiest when I wrote. That’s when I decided writing is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Being an above average student, my decision to take up Arts as a major definitely shook my parents. I persisted. I fought tooth and nail, and now I’m a writer. I got what I wanted, but now that they journey began I realized it’s not all fairy tales and roses.

I started off as a freelance writer for a magazine then went on to become an advertising copy-writer. Believe me, I love my job. But it’s always not that easy.  While everybody expects me to come up with snappy, quirky, humorous and amazing lines; some days I can’t even come up with simple words. It gets frustrating at times. Some days I question my skill as a writer. Some days I wonder if my parents were right, should I have chosen a different profession?

And while work-days pass, by hook or crook I whip up some lines. While some lines pass, most come back to be rewritten, it gets kinda demotivating.  The flare that I once had, seems disappearing. It’s hard when words don’t come out.

But being a writer, you’re getting paid for writing. You can’t just write when the words hit. I gotta take the words out, the blank sheet must be filled. It can’t be filled with just anything, I should be nice stuff that sells. That’s where the trouble begins. The nice stuff! That’s how everything comes spiraling down.

After putting lots of pressure on my brain to write good stuff, I gave up. I started writing crap. Literal crap. Something I’d not show to anybody. But as crap lines followed by more crap lines comes, so does words. I don’t always get the perfect lines, but at least I get something. I keep writing until it’s not so crappy anymore. Then I edit, re-edit, and make something that’s not as crappy as the first draft. I send it off, and hope it’s good to go!

Some days it works, some days I gotta start from scratch. But here’s something I learnt: to give myself the liberty to write crap. That’s the only one way I can go on, putting pressure on myself to create a masterpiece will only kill my creativity, nothing else.

So, I’m gonna hold my pen, embrace the joy of writing and have fun.

Happy writing!!

44 thoughts on “Writing is easy; being a writer, not so much!

  1. It is through these difficult times that our craft is refined and elevated. We all suffer times when words will not come, or the ones that do are not what we hoped for. The practice of continuing to write, editing, re-editing, starting over are all acceptable practices. The only thing you cannot do is give up. Stay strong, believe in your self, and keep that pen moving!

  2. Permission to write crap … absolute necessity. Sometimes turns out that “crap” was better than we initially thought. One man’s crap is another man’s treasure.

  3. I actually chose NOT to be a writer at the age of 8 because of the fear of writer’s block, despite having the ability back then. It was a long, long time until I rediscovered the joy of writing – in adulthood. And now, my day job consists of writing in a specific field, while my passion is my own creative and reflective writing. There’s no pressure on me in that – the type of writing that brings me joy. And it’s a beautiful equilibrium, I think.

    Your post here gave me a glimpse into what life *may* have been like if I’d chosen differently back then….

    1. Firstly, thank you so much Yacoob for reading. I’m so glad that you like it and I’m even more happy that you understand what I mean. Also, your poems are very beautiful. I loved each one of them and I’m gonna read even more of them. 💕💕

      1. Thank you for the kind words. If you’re so inclined, please check out the book – which I published late last year – which collects the best if those. There’s a link near the top of the blog.

        And I look forward to reading more of your stuff here 🤓

  4. Thanks for this one WildHeart. While there are a lot of people saying “oh… you’re just a writer”, it refreshing for someone to actually validate what we are going through- that writing is not that easy and that it requires serious skills for one to survive in this path.

    Nevertheless, if you are passionate about what you do, then you are sure to gain enough motivation to push forward even in the middle of the hard times.

    As for me, I found this website https://www.therisr.com/ still going to be launched on June. I hope that it could help me in finding a fitting writing job that would not only give me a good source of income but also some clients who would respect my worth and my work.

    Keep writing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Ruth. Being a writer is indeed a tough job. In a world where everyone knows how to write, we must set our own unique style. And even when we do we find people with no sense to sentence structure and grammar trying to “correct” us. Thank you so much for stopping by. Loads of love to you. And good luck with your website. Hope you get all the amazing clients. ❣️

    1. I started off as a copy intern in a digital agency in India. I was doing my Bachelor’s then. After that, I got in as a copy trainee in the same company. Then I left India and moved back to Nepal. I worked here as a copywriter in one the best agency in the country. Then, I quit cause my parents thought it would be better if I continued my studies. Now, I’m just thinking about the majors I could do my masters in and studying for entrance exams. I do take up freelance works every now and then.
      Are you a copywriter too?

      1. Oh that’s cool. I was a lawyer until my wife and I moved to Bermuda so she could pursue her career. At that point I got my MBA and started freelance content and copywriting to make ends meet. It turned out to be profitable enough to turn into a full time business. 🙂

      2. That’s great Steve. Copywriting is fun! Every single day at work was amazing cause I loved my work so much. 🙈🙈❣️

  5. Your crap turns into the best mental gifts.
    This has never happened to me, I have never…never…..
    Hmm, now how can I best finish this thought….
    You are correct good and kind lady, sometimes it is hard. I wish my turd words were half as awesome as yours. Thank you for another excellent post.

      1. Wherever you post is a lucky benefit for those who read.
        Anything you do, anywhere you go, you are appreciated, and wishing for you all the support you need to overcome your struggles.

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