Throwing Love Around Like Pixie Dust

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When a working bee goes and collect
Nectar for the queen,
Then, works day and night
To build a perfect hive…
Is it love for the queen?
Or love for the work?
Is it love for the entire bee community?
Or just love for the sweet honey?
Well, love is wonderful
But it can also be vile.
While love isn’t always right,
Love makes days seem a lot bright.
Let’s forget the dark, let’s forget the vile.
Let’s embrace love of the happy kind.
The one you can throw around like pixie dust
For everyone to capture, and enjoy in bliss.

Oh that love, one beautiful soul threw upon me
Like she threw it to all that passed by
A Bee Love Award, this is
She nominated all who read it.
Oh Damn! She has the biggest heart
An epitome of kindness…
Throws around love like pixie dust
Saba Niaz Siddique, her name is!
I couldn’t find the perfect words,
To define this feeling so diverse.
So, I nominate all of you
Carrying forward her legacy, throwing love around like pixie dust…

Award Rules:

1: Thank the blogger who nominates you.

2: Provide a link to his/her site.

3: Share your definition of love.

4: Share how you live out love.

5: Nominate other bloggers.

33 thoughts on “Throwing Love Around Like Pixie Dust

      1. You’ve no idea Haroon, how much you have impacted me. You’re the first consistent reader of my blog, who kept reading and commenting when I had 0-5 reads per day… Thank you so much! You helped me get this far. Love you so much dear! ❣️

  1. Wonderful!
    Dear wild heart, your heart is filled with so much love that reflects in your every word. You gave this award a beautiful and meaningful look.
    Well done 💖💖

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