Oh dear Agni

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Oh dear Agni,
What’s up with you lately?
Do you even exist?
Or are you just a myth? 

If you let Sita pass through you
Unscathed, unharmed, unburnt
Why don’t you serve your justice now?
Why let brides burn in a dowry row?

Oh dear Agni,
What’s up with you lately?
Did you lose all your powers? 
All that you touch, you devour! 

If you could burn Holika to ashes
And let innocent Prahlad survive
Why don’t you do the same now?
Burn the evil, let the innocents live. 

Oh dear Agni,
What’s up with you lately ?
Please serve your justice
World needs you now, more than ever! 


This poem is not written to hurt any religious beliefs. As a girl who grew up hearing the tales and fables of Gods and Goddess, I often drift into a magical world where these divine powers solve all the issues.

For those who don’t know: Agni is the God of fire, according to Hindu Mythology.

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22 thoughts on “Oh dear Agni

  1. Love your poetry, though I pray the message is a little tongue in cheek. In my neck of the woods, people hope for Jesus’ salvation, elsewhere Allah is more popular. I’ve been to places where Buddha’s consulted. I did go to places where Ganesh and Kali made an impression I will not lightly forget (though Angi didn’t stick in my head), but I truly fear that waiting for divine intervention leads to idle hope… It’s us humans who need to make something of this world together. And that isn’t going very well at the moment, I agree with you there.

    Keep writing poetry! It’s nice to read

  2. The inclusion of cultural and religious beliefs is blended beautifully. Regardless of one’s theological beliefs, the crying out for help to the figures of our religious indoctrination is common around the globe. This piece shows a faith that remains strong, but questions the inaction of the powers that be. This should be relatable regardless of your religious beliefs. Well written and powerful! Namaste!

  3. I would personally say that Agni refers to the fire within us, the fire of passion, anger and justice. This fire can purify our souls and if this fire burns in the hearts of the denizens of the world, then indeed, all problems shall be solved.

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