Hating the Ex

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My ex is a snake,
He was so damn fake.
The worst of all creatures,
A curse of mother nature.

My ex has a heart so black,
Emotions he totally lacks,
Bloody sex maniac,
Stupid nut-head crack! 

A pervy man with no respect,
My mental health, he wrecked!
Gold digger with no ambition,
Father of all devastation. 

I hate him so damn much!
Makes me wanna puke my lunch.
I’m so glad is gone.
Why was he even born? 

How many times have you heard these words?
Or uttered them yourself?Β 
Does one break up change it all?
All the promises of forever

Don’t you feel any remorse?
Spreading those vile words.
Why are you trying to malign him?
Just let him go in peace

For the sake of your own sanity,
And your broken relation’s dignity,
Let him start a new life,
And you move on too!Β 

Featured image by: Vitabello from Pixabay

33 thoughts on “Hating the Ex

    1. While no one is obligated help an ex after break up, it is also very crucial to respect their personal space, refrain from spreading rumors and keep the memories to yourself. It give both the people peace and helps in moving on with their lives.

  1. You are scared and you are crazy so letΒ΄s leave behind your ex to get to me

    Appreciate you reading my Crazy blog, hope with more time I can read more of your posts, this one was a bit scary though….


    I met you in the dappled Springtime
    Radiant with blossom and birdsong
    Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

    We courted through dancing Summer
    A passion that fair spanned the skies
    Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

    Ripening Autumn brought composure
    And a deep resounding companionship
    Ah yes – But time flies like the wind

    And what shall I say of bleak Winter?
    Chill reminder that all things must pass
    Remember – Time flies like the wind

    Remember – While hope springs eternal
    Still our dreams will remain maΓ±anas
    And fruit flies … They like bananas

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