A Never-ever Love

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We stopped believing in love stories,
Sure it wouldn’t have happy endings.
So when we fell in love,
We promised a never ever.

I looked into your eyes and I could see,
The way you looked at me, so intense.
Your gaze made my heart quiver,
Your touch made it flutter. 

You held my hands and my heart raced.
“We’ll never fall in love,” you said,
“I can’t afford to lose you dear,
All love has done is taken from me.”

As you promised a never ever,
I saw your heart break in two.
I too broke a little inside,
But our bond, was too precious to risk. 

You got a super cute girlfriend,
I said, ‘yes’ to the hottest guy.
We went on several double dates
Each date, a major heartache. 

We tried and we tried,
To be the perfect lover,
To give them what they deserved.
So, to stay apart we promised. 

We didn’t meet, we didn’t talk,
But your thoughts haunted me.
I wished you were mine.
I could never fall in love with him.

So I did what was right,
I spilled my heart to him.
He didn’t shout, he didn’t cry,
Just kissed my forehead and walked away. 

Now I stay alone wondering,
Are you still with her?
Did you fall in love?
Or do you still think of me?

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Featured image by: Jonathan Borba from Pexels

10 thoughts on “A Never-ever Love

  1. That thought…That wait, of the answer whether the other person is still love with his/her partner while you long for a reply from their side is really hurtful. No matter how much we say that we will move on in our lives but there always remain an imperishable part of them in us. Time can only suppress those feelings but can never destroy it. You have explained it so beautifully the perplexity of two tattered hearts.

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