Death wish

Poetry, Writer life

I wanna slit my wrist

And stab a dagger through my chest.

I wanna feel the pain

As the red liquid flows out my vein.

Empty my mind slow and steady

As I drift into a forever sleep.

I want close my eyes

Never to open once again.

It’s a beautiful life

But death seems all the more pretty.

Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Death wish

  1. Hi WildHeart. We haven’t spoken before, but I’m varjak. I guess we’re neighbors. Or at the least, I follow you on here. I don’t know if you follow me. I write postmodernist poetry from time to time. I spend too much time on my blog and social media and not enough time out in the open world. I don’t know where that is anymore, though, because the Human Ape has torn the guts out of The World and turned it into Pretty Civilization. At his disposal. Gendered or non-gendered?

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Get well soon.


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